Thursday, July 17, 2008

Epibunny (in the middle) is entertaining everyone!

Marlene, Jim S. and Cat. Is this becoming a habit for this guy!

Tom and Denise arrive at their destination in Coos Bay, after a long ride. They look pretty good for being a little " road weary"

The moon on 7/16/08 from the back porch of the Beach House in Charleston

The small boat harbor after sunset in Charleston. This was taken from the back porch of the Beach house, the "gathering place" for the Rally.

Marlene, Nickels, Cat, Jim, Russ and Scotty. First night visiting.

The vroc'er are coming in and gathering over here in the Beach house. It's less than a block from Captain John's. I don't have everyone's name yet that came in today, will hope to catch up tomorrow. But they are still coming!!!

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