Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is the last picture of the day. The 'on ramp' to I-5 at Williams. You should be seeing mountains in the background, but it's very smoky. The farther North I got the worse it was. 100 degrees when I pulled into a motel in Redding, CA. Hwy 36 and 299, both going to the coast are closed because of fires. I'm hot and tired, but it was worth the ride down here just to see everyone and ride the California Canyons.
We just finished a 25 miles stretch of very narrow, rough, road. Very scenic, but hot and dry. Don stopped here for a planned smoke break, at the entrance to the Home Stake Gold Mine, which is closed. There is a tunnel about a quarter mile from here, Nitelite went and parked under it to keep out of the sunDon (VSP) and Paul (Happy Wanderer, then in back is Cat, Jim and Sandy. Jim came down all the way from Northern Alberta just for this picture! It was nice seeing Paul again, he was in Coos Bay last fall for the FOOL ride. He was our 'token youngster". We'll miss him when he's transferred to the East in a couple of months.
Starting with Cat, we have Skid, Sandy, Richard (Bro-in-law) his wife Alice, my mom-in-law, 98 year old Pauline, then Paul, Rad, and Uwe. Jim is at the head of the table. I didn't get a picture of Don, Paul (the other Jazz) and David. Sorry guys, will do better next time. Don't see Howard either. We ended up with 14 people I think.
Sandy, Richard (another Wing rider) Alice and Pauline. Pauline is Pat's mom, she's almost 98 years old, and still in excellent health. Don't look to bad, either.
This is the back of Buster's BBQ. Not the fanciest place in the west, but they put out good food.
One of Don's choses stops. A closed bar and store, no food, no water, and no bathrooms. But...there was no shade either.. However, there was room for the smokers (1) to light up
About 4 miles up the road was Turtle Rock Bar. They did have come cold drinks. I had a blend to add to my mug. One can diet 7up, blended with diet Dr. Pepper. Sandy is doing someting, Don is thinking of a way to get the bucks down, and I think Skid was adding one..
The heat really bothers Howard. He seriously has a medical condition that makes it hard to take the heat. Here, he's bellied up to the bar, knocking down a small bottle of cold water.
The dumpsers at Turtle Rock, with our 'gang' milling around looking for shade
Not much in this part of the country, we're really out in the boon docks. Was glad to see this place that had cold pop and an outhouse. It didn't smell too bad either.
One of Don's favorite haunts, and a plece we all like. The River's Edge in Isleton.
Huevo's something or another. It was a corn tortilla layered with cilantro pesto, a slice of ham, a couple fried eggs covered with home made salsa and topped with Feta cheese. then circled with fresh garden green (out of the garden next to the restaurant) with an excellent semi-sweet dressing on them. Not a bad breakfast, and it was followed with a Raisin, Pecan, Oatmeal cookie, very moist and tasty.
Sandy went for the cinnomon French toast and ham. It looked pretty good. Don and Jim just had traditions breakfast, and, although they looked good, didn't rate a picture
One of the city blocks in old downtown Isleton. A very cool place on the Sacramento River Delta. Actually, it's on an island.
We met up at the Jelly Belly Candy Factory in Fairfield, CA. We were running a little late, so didn't spend much time grazing on the samples. Probably a good thing. Although, they do have a selection of sugar free candies.

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