Monday, July 14, 2008

This "Tin" Cow has been in this pasture for many years. Sometimes there are real cattle in the field, and it's hard to tell her from the real ones from a distance! She close to the barn with the roof that says, "State of Jefferson". I always know I'm getting close to home (a little over 200 miles) when I see her.

This is the kind of stuff that has been causing most of the wild fires in Northern California. They are getting some unusual Thunder storms, most with little or no rain in them, but a lot of lightening. This was taken a little South of Yreka, not long after sunrise today.

A nasty looking sky. This cleared up in just a few miles, never did turn out any rain.

My usual "last stop" before getting home. Exit 71 to Sunny Valley. I like this old store. Seems like I hear a different story every time I stop. Today, a very elderly gentleman told me about hauling hay from the Rogue Valley over to Coos Bay in the 40's while the war was still going on. Was a full 2 day trip then, over steep, curvy old Highway 99, with old, slow trucks. Interesting man. He grew up about 30 miles from where I did, but he was much older

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