Sunday, July 20, 2008

The parking lot is filling up with people ready to go to the wedding or out for food.

Didsbury Dave leads the group of bikes to Cape Arago.

The Bride, covering up her helmet hair.

Skid, Slots, Kudzu and Mal in the back, waiting for the bride to roll in.

And here she is! Romy (Pebbles)! The Lady of the Day, and soon to be Mrs. Waugh.

Talking about the weather and bikes, while waiting for the big event.

Mac Guy. Hanging out.

The ceremony is underway.

The group that braved the cool weather to be a part of the wedding.

Chris, the preacher is a fine job.

This is Dave's dad. He and Dave's stop mom drove down from Canada to be here. Instead of giving a daughter away, he's gaining a new one!

Pat and Sandy shiver while waiting.

Dave is digging into his pocket. There was a moment of panic until he found the ring.

Chris is explaining about one or two ring ceremonies. In this case he said it was one ring and one CLAP.

Skid and Sandy. The ladies in the back are Donna, the pastor's wife, and Lisa from Canada (I think I may have spelled that wrong...all Lisa's seem to do it differently

You can see the fog bank over the Pacific Ocean. In the few minutes that the ceremony was going on, it started to life and the sun came out by the time they were man and wife.

Romy is a little overcome with happiness! It was a very touching moment.

Some of you may have not seen Del Wilson (Viper) for awhile. He was one of the official witnesses to the wedding.

More on lookers.

And, the last shot of the crowd.

They are getting close to the big moment.

Dave is receiving his "CLAP". A new Zumo 550. He says a Garmin is better than an old ring anyday!

The ceremony is over, and the sun is coming out from the fog over the ocean. A few hundred yards away, there were a couple of Native Americans lightly playing authentic drums and softly singing. You could barely hear them, but Chris was familiar with the traditional words they were using and including some of in the Wedding Ceremony. It wasn't planned, but was a very nice touch to the service.

The happy Bride and Groom.

Chris is still talking, but, I don't think Romy and Dave are listening to his every word right now.

There was a whole lot of kissing going on there for awhile. A little more than the traditional little smack!

Happy faces.

There were lots of cameras out there, I'm sure there will be a lot of pictures from others show up soon.

Pebbles is displaying her room key. Wonder what she has in mind~!

A nice little bit of class for the Bride's bike.

It's over! Mr. and Mrs. David Waugh.

Back at Captain John's for the paper work, Dave is adjusting the garter.

Kudzu say's, "Enough of this wedding stuff, I want to get some pictures of these sea lions"

Dave and Romy, newly married, and riding on Cape Arago Highway.

Even Julie had to congratulate the Bride and Groom.

A fine dinner at the Oyster Cove followed. I think Dave is playing with his new Zumo.

Pat, Chris, Donna and Dave's Step Mother.

Dave's Father, Dave, Romy, Del (Viper) and Jennifer.

Sherm and Del had to sign the papers as the official witnesses.

This is making it official! The county clerk signed the form in the wrong place, but the Pastor made the necessary corrections.

Back at the Beach House, the Raffle is in progress. I see Eagle, Laura (Lisa's Daughter) and Lisa, Gypsy Cat was behind someone, but was the raffle lady for the rally.

Looks like Nitelite won something.

The last night is always bittersweet. Reflections of a good time, new friends, and having to think about leaving in the morning. In this case, I'm already home, that's kind of strange.......

Kudzu, Epibunny and Slots.

The Pastor, Chris, and wife Donna. She used to be my Yoga instructor when I was doing that a few years ago, and I've known Chris from the health club. He was the perfect selection to conduct the wedding.

The raffle is still going on. The Beach House turned out to be a good location. Less than a block from the Motel, and 6 of the 7 bedrooms were full. The fire pit, outside seating and the large living room with the wood stove was a welcome warming place on the cool coastal night.

Anticipation while the tickets are drawn.

Is it mine?

Laura is recording, and Lisa is holding the ticket jar.

The cake cutting is always fun. They are practicing here.

Mal and Corvette forgot their vests, so they came up with these shirts. Worked fine

The "Bubbly" stuff for the toasts.

That cake weighed a ton!

Kudzu and Slammer.

People in the Beach House enjoying the wedding cake.

Some folks stayed outside by the fire.

Dave says, "enough toasting, lets drink this stuff"!

Although Romy was a little worried about "Cake on the Face", they both behaved well with the traditional sharing.

What fun! Romy gets the first bite.

Lisa, Ham, Mike, Dutch, Tony D, Nickels, and there's Wompus in the corner. The rally is almost "a wrap"

Cat must have just heard something shocking!

Kudzu is a funny guy! And, as we're all seeing, he's a fine blogger too. Excellent job on the pictures Dan!

Skid getting ready to enjoy some cake.

Mongrel won this shirt in the drawing, and donated it to give to the person that had the wreck during the rally. Sorry, I don't know his name.

Lisa, Gypsy Cat and Eagle, the winner of the "Split the pot" $300 for the vroc server fund, and $300 for Eagle. Nice job y'all.
The raffle and 50/50 is over, people are starting to roll out.

Scotty, Kudzu, Slammer and VSP, probably telling lies or discussing routes

Mongrel is a licensed message therapist. He donated two 15 minute messages for the raffle. Here he's doing one of them. Looks more like pain than relaxation to me!

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