Friday, July 18, 2008

Tony D. is getting the bugs from several states off the monster 800!. This bike brings back a lot of good memories for me, riding with Tony and Teresa over the years.

Oil Changes, a few small repairs, and lots of visiting, made this a very good day!

"Pinky" was a little late getting to breakfast, she couldn't get Tom out of bed early enough!

The last time there was a couple of Illusion Blue wings here at the house was a little different. One was broke! Today was much better, but it's always a good time when the Millers are here.

Tony is telling John and Tom how long 'something' is.

When you have to take care of TWO bikes on the road, you have your hands full. Scotty changes the oil on his and Marlene's bikes. They have made a trouble free trip so far (except for the Dunlap :-)

The last time John was here, he was on a Nomad. These yellow Wings sure do stand out!

Dutch has lost so much weight, we hardly recognized him! Tom had been down tending the fire and Nickels looks on.

Jamey T. and Russ. Pat's favorite NASCAR driver is Carl Edwards, she is amazed at how much Jamey looks like him!

Josh is a little shy about getting his picture took, but we snuck this one in.

Nickels and Epibunny, the Rabbit girl.

Skid is obviously telling Utemike a tall story.

A bearded Biglefti and a long haired Tony D. What is VROC coming to?

Don is finally getting warmed up after a cool ride in his mesh jacket. He was freezing when he arrived.

Mac Guy and Ute Mike.

The two "Big Guys", Scotty and Don VSP.

Gypsy Cat and Lisa are relaxing after a long day of "rallying"

Tom was the "Fire Man", both inside and the camp fire. Kudzu has just arrived, and is pretty "pooped out" from the trip. It was nice to see him roll in!

Marlene, Sandy (the birthday girl) and pat. Notice that Pat look a little like a mother Kangaroo.

Kudza Marlene, Sandy and Tom.

Tony D. and Chuck Burt.

The "Epi Bunny" and her nice bike.

Utemike and Josh.

Nickels and Scotty.

Denise and Tony.

Lanny is on another month long trip with his Grand daughter Patience. She's a real little sweetie.

Chuck Bert and the famous "Hat"

Flying Willy got in today.

Jamey T.

Jerry "Slammer", and his wife Barbara.

Corvette and Malachi. They got in a little late, but we were all happy to see them!

Slots, Linda, Cat, and Howard (nitelite)

Slots and Scorpion, what a pair!

Jerry is making a "point"

The Chinese waitresses are singing Happy Birthday to the ladies.

Getting ready to cut the cake.

Preston and Karen (Bookie).

Denise, Cat, Linda and Sandy are all celebrating their birthdays this week. Sandy's is TODAY!

The guy with the crooked stinger.

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