Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last post before cleaning up the Scooter and going to the emergency room. I don't have any pictures of Friday night or Saturday. I'll be taking a lot at the Wedding of Didsbury Dave and Pebbles tonight. I'm home now for awhile.

Jamey's Freckles. Or, "The Bass Boat"

The Triangle Oyster farm near the mouth of the Umpqua River in Winchester Bay.

A basket case Indian That Guy Restored for it's owner. The owner chose some sort of different paint and seat, but other than that, it's a beautiful machine.

24 Bikes invade Guys SCP shop in Reedsport

One of the Hungar Buster selections at the Kozy Kitchen.

This is where the security Harley riders and the Oregon State Police parked while the King was inside dining.

Overlooking the Dunes and the Pacific Ocean.

The base of the Umpqua River light house, and the folks on the ride. A few weren't there for this picture, Mal and Corvette and Tony D, and maybe others weren't there, but went back later to go through the museum,

Nice line of Vulcans and a few "Brand X" bikes.

Dave and Romy in Cranberry Sweets.

Vulcans parked on the dock in Bandon By the Sea.

The "King" room! Just the day before King Hussein of Jordan at right here. 10 of his people ate here, the Oregon State Police and the King's security remained outside in the parking lot to guard the place. The King had a Mushroom Swiss Burger with Fries for lunch.

Jim Seigalaar's breakfast. Looks pretty good. This place puts out a lot of food for very little money.

Mal's new Gold Wing plate. You can see this bike for a LONG way!

After dinner on Thursday, we had two problems. Flying Willie had a flat tire. He was able to borrow a valve core remover and with a little help (can't remember who was working on it with him) got the bead out.

Buzz ended up with a dead battery after dinner. Cat's jumper cables and Skid's big Wing took care of that, with the help of Lanny's tools and expertise. Cat is pretty handy to have around!

The funny mirror in Cranberry Sweets make Sandy, Josh, Corvette and Sherm look thin.

Skinny littel Fox!

Tom Miller had a large Red Breasted Robin inside his lower fairing. Don't know exactly how it got in there all in one piece, but it did.

John, Pat, Denise and Marlene are helping the wrench guys

Scotty, Tom and Tony D. discuss the weather or something while Sherm goes inside for the tools to change the risers on the Wing.

I've put on close to 6K miles since having the Traxxion suspension installed last month. The bars were a lot lower when I picked it up. When I mentioned it to the installers, they had a story about lowering the fork tubes on the triple tree (which they did) and that they had re installed the risers. Well........the did. But backwards. With the fat side forward, it lowered them far below stock. They are now back acting as risers, and I like the Traxxion even more!

The breeze is coming up, the Marine cover is rolling in off the Ocean, and Marlene and Scotty are ready to head back to the Motel after changing their oil.

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